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23 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Did you really really mean “Dozens of people castrated me…” it did you mean to say “castigated” in your post about planting by the moon?

  2. first class ! i am a bit annoyed with myself attentively and uncritically listening all these years to “experts”, repeating their intuitive but often baseless ideas. in most other matters i am much more skeptical. lots of people wasting a lots of time complying with all but baseless rituals ….

  3. I made my own weed killer and bug spray with vinegar and other ingredients. I somehow like an idiot labeled them wrong. The bug killer with salt vinegar soap I sprayed on my raised bed garden. Something was eating the leaves. Within 20 minutes it worked. My plants started wilting and dying. My granddaughter’s was hit the worst! I got my water hose and soaked all the plants really good. This morning I ran my sprinkler. Will the expensive organic soil in the planters need to be replaced? Can I add more soil! I’m going to get new plants, especially for my granddaughters Thanks

    • re: “Will the expensive organic soil in the planters need to be replaced?” – the idea that soil is organic is an imagined concept. It is organic if you think it is organic. From a plants perspective there is no such thing as organic soil.

      The ingredients in vinegar and salt are always in soil – organic soil as well as non-organic soil. You just added a bit more than normal. Bacteria will quickly take care of the acetate, and watering will wash the salt out.

  4. Another myth or not? Cacti decreasing radiation. I suppose it is another marketing gimmic. Wonder your opinion about it. Thank you in advance.

    • I assume you are talking about the radiation from a computer screen. Since this radiation is mostly visible light, then yess if the cactus is sitting in front of the screen, it will block some of the light.

      Since a computer does not emit dangerous radiation, it is a non-issue.

  5. To Robert Pavlis
    I’m doing a project
    My partner and I are doing a xeriscape model using lavenders.
    What are your thoughts on using xeriscape(drought tolerance landscape)
    By Charlene Guzman

  6. I have a small pond and having issues with a few things. keeping it clean of algae, also I originally put a liner in it and all it does is float up, we live sort of in a valley and think that the water underneath is just always keeping it afloat. Should I cut the liner out and fill it with rocks and algae eating plants ? Thank you for your advice

    • If the liner floats up, you probably have a high water table. Dig a test hole and see how high the water comes. You may not need a liner.

  7. Robert…
    I’ve enjoyed all your posts and have learned much!

    One question:
    I’ve observed that Wabbits do Not eat weeds? (Wabbits: pesky, starving bunny tails)…

    What is it in weeds that Wabbits don’t like? Cannot an infusion of weed’s Wonder Wabbit Control not be made?

    • It is not weeds that they don’t like but they do like some plants better than others. The ones that they don’t eat prosper, grow better, and you notice them more.

  8. I wish you were in the climate change skeptic team. Your unabashed disdain for poor science and willingness to take the heat for saying an argument has “no clothes” is refreshing, especially when I don’t agree with you.


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