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33 thoughts on “Home”

  1. I am reading your book, Garden Myths 1, and in myth 57 ‘calcium will prevent BER in Tomatoes’, I maintain that consistent watering is the issue generally. As you state, early season BER is more prevalent, but that also highlights the fact that there is less shade on the soil due to the lack of leaf cover from the plant which in turn, leads to soil drying faster from direct sun and heat. With dry spells between watering, you have inconsistent moisture which makes for difficulty for the plant in its ability to transport calcium effectively. Later season has better soil coverage keeping roots cooler and shaded thus preventing interim drying of the soil and therefore less BER due to consistently available moisture. Thoughts?

    • It is usually caused by uneven watering, either by the gardener or nature.
      I think new plants have more of a problem because they still don’t have a large root system, but shading soil as you suggest can also have an effect.

  2. Good day. I’m from Pretoria, South Africa. I want to find out more about the use of greywater and its affect on soil and soil organisms.


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