Streptocarpus Plants for Sale

It is now too cold to ship plants – We sill start up again in spring.

Plants can be picked up all year long.

four flowers, top petals white, lower petals white with dark pink webbing
Streptocarpus RP Lacey Bloomers

We normally do not ship plants because our plant availability is low and shipping in Canada is expensive. Most plant sales are done direct from our home in Guelph, Ontario. Visitors must make an appointment before coming ( This ensures that we are here and it allows us to confirm that we have the plants you want to buy. Plants are available all year.

The mother plants in our collection are listed here:

The actual plants available for sale depends on which leaves we have recently propagated or plants we have divided.

We also grow plants from seed and usually have a variety of flowering seedlings available.

Most plants are $10. Smaller plants and un-named seedlings are $5. Minimum order is $50. Shipping is extra.

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