Streptocarpus Leaves for Sale

It is now too cold to ship leaves – We sill start up again in spring.

Leaves can be picked up all year long.

three blue and white flowers
Streptocarpus RP Royal Robes

We ship leaves throughout Canada from our stock mother plants . Shipments outside of Canada can also be made if you are willing to take the responsibility of getting them through customs. We do not supply agriculture inspection certificates.

Shipping of leaves is done in warmer weather, usually from May until October. You can pre-order leaves in winter for spring shipment – such shipments get priority for leaf selection.

Leaves are at least 5″ long (or two smaller leaves will be sent).

Cost for Shipped Leaves: cost $10 each, or $8 for 10 or more different ones. Minimum order is $50. Shipping is extra.

Cost for Pickup: Cost $6/leaf.

Almost all of the Streptocarpus in my Collection are available as well as some of the Seedlings being Evaluated from 2022, 2023.

To order leaves contact us at

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