Hylomecon Japonica – Which is The Real Plant?

Hylomecon japonica is a fairly rare plant that is miss-identified frequently on the internet and in seed exchanges. The AGS seedex has been sending out the wrong seeds for a number of year and discussions on their forum make it clear that getting seed from the right plant has been a global problem (ref 1).

Instead of receiving Hylomecon japonica seed, it is common to get seed from one of the other wood poppies. Since I grow Hylomecon japonica and it’s 3 imposters I decided to prepare a complete review of the plants, and provide a list of features that will allow people to clearly identify their plants.

All of the details are based on my plants which represents a limited set of clones. If your findings disagree with mine, please let me know by leaving a comment.

Hylomecon japonica main
Hylomecon japonica flower and leaves

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