Is Compostable Plastic Really Compostable?

Everyone wants to be green and now you see a lot of compostable plastic on the market. Is compostable plastic really compostable? Can I add it to my compost bin? How long does it take to decompose? These are all good questions that gardeners should be able to answer.

My Master Gardener group had a year end party and one member brought some compostable plastic drinking glasses. As I was collecting them at the end of the evening I started to wonder how well they decomposed. I had previously looked into compostable tea bags and was surprised by what I learned. Are these drinking glasses just some more greenwashing?

In this post I’ll discuss compostable plastic, compare that to biodegradable plastic, and explain the role of all of these in the garden.

Is Compostable Plastic Really Compostable?
Is Compostable Plastic Really Compostable?, image by aaron.bihari

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