18 Food Safety Myths For The Home Gardener

The CDC has reported that 46% of all foodborne illnesses are due to fresh produce. One out of every six Americans that will get a foodborne illness this year. “From a historical perspective, fresh produce was linked to less than 1% of all foodborne illnesses in the 1970s, and less than 12% in the 1990s. Why is foodborne illness from produce on the rise?”

Part of the increase is due to better detection, but it is also due to increased use of fast food and a more complex food production/delivery system. Food that we buy in local stores has passed through many hands from farm to table and each step is a possible source of contamination. Another problem is that more people are growing their own food and they incorrectly believe that home grown food is safe.

In this post I will have a look at a number of myths about foodborne illnesses and how you can prevent them.

Food Safety Myths For The Home Gardener
Food Safety Myths For The Home Gardener, source: Nick Youngson

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