Crop Rotation – Is There a Benefit for Gardeners?

Crop rotation is one of those techniques that seems to be necessary for anyone growing vegetables. Read any book or online source about growing food and you soon run into the recommendation that crop rotation will make plants grow better, reduce pests and prevent diseases. The Alabama A&M Extension Office says, “it’s an essential part of planning a home garden“. It is a common practice in agriculture and if it works there, why would it not also be a good idea for the back yard garden?

As you learn a bit more about this technique you soon realize it’s not a simple technique to implement.  You have to know your plant families and you need to set up a 3 year schedule, or is it a 4 year schedule? And every author seems to have different rules for selecting the next crop. If there are many so-called “best” systems, which one should you use?

Let’s have a closer look at crop rotation and decide how it should be used by home gardeners.

Crop Rotation - Is There a Benefit for Gardeners?
Crop Rotation – Is There a Benefit for Gardeners?, photo by Julie

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