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Robert Pavlis

We have just launched the Garden Fundamentals Podcast Show. Now you can drive, jog and even work in the garden while listening to gardening information from Garden Fundamentals.

Robert Pavlis in his red hat in front of flowering shrubs.

Garden Fundamentals Podcast

The Podcast Show will use a similar format to many of our YouTube videos where Robert Pavlis presents interesting gardening information. We may have guests from time to time, but that is not our main goal. It will cover a wide range of topics from seeding to growing and even garden design. And of course, we’ll discuss many gardening myths.

How to Connect With the Podcast

Each podcast episode will be released in two formats, an audio podcast and a video podcast (which is synonymous with a video).

Garden Fundamentals Video

Each episode will be released as a video on YouTube. These will be no different than the videos you have been watching on our channel. In fact, some older videos will be converted into audio-only podcasts.

Microbe Science for Gardeners Book, by Robert Pavlis

If you prefer the video format, continue watching on my YouTube channel: Garden Fundamentals.

YouTube allows you to watch videos either in their standard video section or in their “audio library” section. We are listed in both sections.

Garden Fundamentals Audio Podcast

If you prefer an audio only version of the same program, you can now listen to them on your favorite podcast RSS feed, including the following.

You can also watch them right here on our blog:

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Robert Pavlis

I have been gardening my whole life and have a science background. Besides writing and speaking about gardening, I own and operate a 6 acre private garden called Aspen Grove Gardens which now has over 3,000 perennials, grasses, shrubs and trees. Yes--I am a plantaholic!

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