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Robert Pavlis

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An unusual clematis that forms a low bush of very fragrant flowers. Clematis mandshurica makes a great addition to your garden.

Clematis mandshurica by Robert Pavlis
Clematis mandshurica by Robert Pavlis

It is similar to C. recta, but flowers about 2 weeks later, on a slightly taller plant which starts to cling when it gets over 1 m tall. C. mandshurica has larger flowers which are more fragrant than C. recta. It is also similar to C. terniflora, the sweet autumn clematis, which blooms a month later on much taller plants and has a much stronger tendency to climb.

Some sources give it a variety status and name it Clematis terniflora var. mandshurica. C. mandshurica is also incorrectly spelled C. mandschurica and C. mandchurica.

Prune hard in spring (Group 3). The plant in the pictures is a first time flowering seedling about three years old and is about 120 cm (4 ft) tall.

Microbe Science for Gardeners Book, by Robert Pavlis
Clematis mandshurica by Robert Pavlis
Clematis mandshurica by Robert Pavlis

Clematis mandshurica

(KLEM-uh-tiss  man-SHEU-ree-ka)

Life Cycle: perennial

Height: 180 cm (6ft)

Bloom Time: mid-summer

Natural Range: China, Mongolia, Russia (Siberia) and North Korea

Habitat: dry slopes, shrubby areas, forest margins

Synonyms:  Clematis recta var. mandshurica, (Clematis fusca var. mandshurica is a synonym for C. fusca)

Cultivation of Clematis mandshurica:

Light: full sun

Soil: well drained

Water: drought tolerant

USDA Hardiness Zone: 3– 9

Propagation: seed, division

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