Dog Rocks – Do They Prevent Lawn Burn?

I first heard about Dog Rocks in a Facebook Group a couple of weeks ago. Someone was looking for a solution to the urine burn marks their dog left on the lawn and Dog Rocks were suggested. At first I visualized rocks that were used to cover up the burn marks, but that is not how this product works. Instead you put the rocks in the drinking water and they absorb nitrates from the water. As one advertisement put it, “less nitrates going in means less nitrates coming out the other end,” With lower nitrates, the grass is not burned and your dog no longer creates spots on the lawn.

Normally, when I review products for the garden I try to be politically correct and bite my tongue, but not this time. This is the dumbest product I have ever come across. A small bit of logic will tell you that it has zero chance of working and I’ll explain why shortly.

Dog Rocks - Do They Prevent Lawn Burn?
Dog Rocks – Do They Prevent Lawn Burn?

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