Soil Factory Using Bokashi Ferment

I am seeing the term soil factory used more often, usually in discussions about Bokashi or Vermicomposting. I’ll restrict this blog to discussions about Bokashi, but most of the comments also apply to Vermicomposting. It is claimed that Bokashi ferment, the material remaining after the fermentation process, can be used to make soil, which can … Read More

Bokashi vs Composting

Bokashi is a fermentation method used for processing kitchen scraps in the home with very little mess and no foul odors. Some claim that bokashi is a method of composting, but that is incorrect, as discussed in Bokashi Composting Myths. What exactly is bokashi? We call it a fermentation process but what does that mean? … Read More

Bokashi Composting Myths

Bokashi composting, also spelled bocashi composting, is a new way to deal with kitchen scraps. The proponents of the system claim that it has a number of benefits not found in more traditional composting methods. In this blog post I will have a close look at Bokashi composting and separate myth from reality.

Guest on a Podcast

Robert Pavlis has been a guest on the following podcasts. Podcast With Bunny Guinness – Growing Nutritious Food I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Bunny in the Garden Podcast show where we discussed growing nutritious food and my new book Food Science for Gardeners.  Join Bunny Guinness and myself as we … Read More

What You Should Know About Composting Cat Litter

Composting cat litter can help keep it out of your garbage while turning the waste into something beneficial for your garden. Composting litter though is not as simple as composting food scraps and there are special risks you need to understand. However, done right it is easy and safe to compost cat litter.

Can You Compost Dog Poop?

The number of dogs and cats in North America has skyrocketed and pet waste is becoming a huge problem. Can you compost dog poop? In an urban area, leaving it where the animal dropped it is not a good idea. Collecting it and putting it in the trash bin has its own problems as you … Read More

Vermicompost – Is It Really That Great?

Vermicomposting is a popular way of getting rid of kitchen scraps and proponents of this form of composting make all kinds of claims. Does vermicomposting really work? Does it produce a superior compost when compared to traditional bin composting or Bokashi? What do the worms actually produce and how does it compare to traditional compost? … Read More