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Compost Creates Acidic Soil

Does compost make acidic soil? It is a common claim made for compost but does it really work? Is it a good option for making alkaline soil more acidic? Let’s have a closer look.

does compost acidify soil

Compost pH madness – does compost acidify soil?

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Compost Adds Enzymes and Hormones

One of the claimed benefits of compost in the garden is to provide the soil and plants with enzymes and hormones. Is this true? What would enzymes and hormones do for the garden? Good questions in the quest to understand compost better.

compost enzymes

Compost enzyme converts larger molecule (green substrate) to two smaller ones (products)

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Does Compost Reduce Plant Disease?

Plant disease reduction is a common benefit attributed to compost—but is it true. Will compost, added to the garden, reduce diseases in the garden? This is a very complex question that leads to some very interesting discussions about plants, and their diseases.

compost reduces plant disease

Compost reduces plant disease

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Compost Microbes – Good for the Soil?

Compost microbes are micro-organisms (mostly bacteria and fungi) that live in the compost pile and get transferred to your soil when you add the compost to the soil. Many people consider this to be a benefit of using compost. Compost manufacturers even advertise their “special microbes”, sometimes called Effective Microbes.

It is all a myth. Let’s dig deep and understand this important gardening topic.

compost Microbes

Compost Microbes

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Coffee Grounds in Garden

Coffee Grounds have a reputation for solving all kinds of garden problems. It is claimed that they reduce the number of diseases, ward off insects, fertilize the soil, and even keep slugs from eating your plants. Let’s have a look at the truth behind coffee grounds.

Coffee Grounds in Garden

Free coffee grounds for your garden

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