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Increasing Soil Acidity

There is a lot of advice on how to make make acidic soil both in print and on the net. You can use coffee grounds, pine needles, and sulfur to name a few. This advice has two problems. Firstly, the recommended product may not actually acidify soil. For example in Do Pine Needles Acidify Soil I show that pine needles do not make acidic soil. Coffee grounds don’t acidify soil either. The second problem is that before such advice is given it is important to know the soil types (ie soil texture) being treated. Let’s take a closer look at this.

acidic soil texture

Soil texture is important when trying to acidify soil

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Liming Acidic Soil – Adding Lime

Your soil is acidic and you would like to change the pH so that it is less acidic. The universal advice is to add lime to the soil ie liming your soil. Lime is alkaline and it will neutralize the acidity of the soil and make it more neutral. Adding lime certainly works – but there is a catch!

Liming acidic soil

Anemone Pamina at Aspen Grove Gardens

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Soil pH Testers-Are They Accurate?

Every gardening book and web site recommends that you get your soil tested and one of the main tests is for pH. You can get a professional lab to do the test, or you could use one of the convenient test kits made for gardeners.

soil pH tester

soil pH tester – colored dyes

 How useful and accurate is the information about your soil pH? It is more complicated than you think. Let’s have a close look.

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