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Invasive Plants You Should NOT Buy

You are at the nursery and have found a nice looking plant. Is it safe to bring home? Your friend has some extra plants and offers to give you some – should you take them? In both cases you can get into a lot of trouble by taking the plant home.

This is a list of invasive plants you should never, never, never add to your garden–unless you want them everywhere.

Nurseries should be restricted from selling them to unsuspecting customers.

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Helleborus foetidus – Favorite Plant

The Stinking Hellebore! With a name like that, you just have to have one in your garden.

Helleborus foetidus; photo by Robert Pavlis

Helleborus foetidus; photo by Robert Pavlis

Helleborus foetidus is evergreen all year long in zone 5 and looks great in the shade garden, even in winter, covered in snow. It has palmately divided leaves of a dark blue-green color that contrast nicely with other big leaved shade plants like hostas. The leaf color gets darker in winter, and is lighter if given more sun in summer.  —————- Read More —————-