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Lawn Roller – Should You Use One?

A lawn roller is traditionally used in spring as part of regular lawn maintenance. Golf courses do it and they have great greens – so it must be good for your lawn too – right? Wrong. Don’t do it. If you own a lawn roller it is time to find another use for it.

Lawn Roller - not good for your lawn

Lawn Roller – not good for your lawn

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Why does Moss Grow in Lawns?

The most common response to this question is that the lawn receives too much shade and that the soil is acidic. The common advice is that grass will grow better if you limb up the trees and add lime to the soil to make it less acidic. Or you can spread a moss killer for lawns.

What about moss that is growing in a sunny area? What about moss growing is soil that is alkaline? There is much more to the moss story.

How to get rid of moss in lawn

Mossy alkaline bolder at Aspen Grove Gardens

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Lawns Reduce CO2 Levels

Is the lawn good or bad for the environment? You can look at this problem from different points of view and today I would like to examine the specific question; do lawns reduce CO2 levels.

A study done by Scotts  Miracle Gro concluded that “The lawn is a good and valued resource for sequestering carbon, even under various typical lawn management practices”. Is this really true??? The answer is more complicated than you might think.

Lawns reduce CO2 levels

Lawns reduce CO2 levels

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