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Podcast With Abundant Edge – Building Natural Ponds

Oliver M. Goshey, from Abundant Edge, interviewed me recently about the Why and How of Building Your Own Pond. We discussed how natural ponds fit into the move towards permaculture and natural living. The idea of natural gardens and attracting wildlife to the garden is becoming very popular for good reasons and a natural pond is a perfect addition to such gardens.

In the interview we discussed many topics including:

  • Attracting wildlife
  • Designing for a natural look
  • Keeping algae down without pumps
  • How natural ponds keep the water clean
  • Importance of plant shelves
  • Maintaining fish and managing fish waste
  • Why chemicals and water testing is not required
  • How to make it waterproof – liner vs clay lined
  • Maintaining koi
  • Selecting the right size of pump for a waterfall
  • Planning the construction process


Listen to the Abundant Edge podcast now

Building Natural Ponds 3D

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