Garden Myths - Learn the truth about gardening


Robert Pavlis has been a guest on the following podcasts.

Tova’s Garden

Tova Roseman from Tova’s Garden and I talked a lot about simplifying the gardening process and how a better understanding of garden myths leads to a more successful garden.

Here is a list of some of the topics discussed in this podcast.

  • Learning to work with nature
  • Adopting the cut and drop method
  • Why you should clean up the garden in spring, instead of fall
  • Let nature solve pest problems
  • Benefits of watering less
  • Match plants to soil
  • The truth about Epsom salts
  • Solving blossom end rot in tomatoes
  • The real benefit of compost in your garden
  • Creating a natural pond without electricity


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Root Simple

Erick Knutzen and Kelly Coyne from Root Simple interviewed me about a wide range of gardening topics. They wanted to better understand my gardening philosophy and how I manage to take care of a 6 acre garden with a lot less effort than most gardeners. Keeping things simple and understanding the real reasons why we do things in the garden allow me to enjoy the garden more with less effort.

In this podcast you will learn some of my secretes, which anyone can use.

  • The why and how of Aspen Grove gardens
  • Keeping fertilizer to a minimum
  • Using chemicals sparingly
  • Benefits of cut and drop composting
  • Compost tea myths
  • Understanding bokashi
  • You can have too much compost
  • Controlling mosquitoes with plants
  • Treating vegetables different than landscape plants
  • Organic vs synthetic fertilizer
  • Learning to accept some pests

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