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Jiffy Peat Pellets – Not Good For The Environment

Jiffy peat pellets, also called Jiffy pellets and Jiffy-7, are a convenient way to start seeds. Just add water to the small pellets and they expand, ready for us. Place a seed in the top and in no time you will have happy seedlings.

This all sounds like a good idea, but how well do plants grow? Are the pellets bio-degradable in the garden?

Jiffy-7 pellets not good for the environment

Jiffy-7 pellets for starting seeds

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Sunlight Calculator – Another Product You Don’t Need

Someone on a social site asked if anyone knew of a light meter that would measure the amount of light in their garden. I burst out in laughter thinking this was a great joke. Then someone posted a link to just such a product; the Sunlight Calculator. I cried. Are people really dumb enough to buy such a product?

Sunlight Calculator, a product you don't need

Sunlight Calculator, a product you don’t need

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