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Identifying Plants can be Tricky

I had a garden open house yesterday for a local gardening group. It was a beautiful day and I was enjoying the visitors, or at least I was until one of them mentioned that I had the dreaded ‘dog strangling vine’. News to me! I have never had it before. I asked to see it and a few guests followed us to one of my clematis arbors. They pointed to evil villain.

I smiled and told them that this was a precious seedling I had grown a few years ago. I thought I had lost it during the winter, but luckily it survived. It even flowered with very small dark red/brown flowers. I mean very small! It was now making seed pods – nice long slender pods. I was very proud of my plant.

Cynanchum louiseae

Cynanchum louiseae – Dog Strangling Vine

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Keep Clematis Roots Cool

Just about every book and website tells you keep Clematis roots cool.  Planting them so that the roots are shaded is a gardening myth! Clematis roots don’t need to be any cooler than any of your other perennials.

keep Clematis roots cool

Keep Clematis roots cool

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