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Hylomecon Japonica – Which is The Real Plant?

Hylomecon japonica is a fairly rare plant that is miss-identified frequently on the internet and in seed exchanges. The AGS seedex has been sending out the wrong seeds for a number of year and discussions on their forum make it clear that getting seed from the right plant has been a global problem (ref 1).

Instead of receiving Hylomecon japonica seed, it is common to get seed from one of the other wood poppies. Since I grow Hylomecon japonica and it’s 3 imposters I decided to prepare a complete review of the plants, and provide a list of features that will allow people to clearly identify their plants.

All of the details are based on my plants which represents a limited set of clones. If your findings disagree with mine, please let me know by leaving a comment.

Hylomecon japonica main

Hylomecon japonica flower and leaves

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Rodgersia Identification Simplified

Rodgersia are exceptional plants for the garden. They are true giants that will make a statement which your visitors will remember for quite some time. The problem with this genus is that the species are fairly similar to one another and this has resulted in many misidentified pictures on the internet.  In this blog post I hope to provide a simple way to help you identify your plants.

Rodgersia podophylla 'Pagode'

Rodgersia podophylla ‘Pagode’ , by Robert Pavlis

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Amsonia Confusion

The genus Amsonia is a collection of herbaceous plants that are not well known in gardens, but they should be more popular. They are great plants, flower well, are North American natives and some are very drought tolerant. They are also more cold tolerant than believed. The various available species are similar and very often misnamed. It is quite common to find pictures in books and on the net that are misidentified.  In today’s post I will try to sort out the differences to help you identify plants.

Amsonia 'Blue Ice'

Amsonia ‘Blue Ice’ by Robert Pavlis, GardenMyths

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Hardiness of Liriope ‘Super Blue’ was contacted by Formostco Inc to trial one of their new plants, Liriope ‘Super Blue’. They wanted to know if the plant was hardy in our area (Zone 5b). This blog entry will be used to track out experience with the plants.

Liriope ‘Super Blue’

Liriope ‘Super Blue’

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Favorite Plant – Acanthus hungaricus

The first time I saw Acanthus hungaricus in flower I was mesmerized. This is such a spectacular architectural plant that it should be in every garden.

Acanthus hungaricus by Robert Pavlis

Acanthus hungaricus; photo by Robert Pavlis

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