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10 Wasp Myths That Will Surprise You

Wasps are feared and hated. Granted they do sting if you disturb them but that is no reason to fear them. In this post I will look at 10 wasp myths that will surprise you. Armed with this new knowledge I hope that you will learn to either like wasps or at least hate them less.

As a general background review of wasp facts have a look at Understanding Wasps – They Are Not Evil!

Paper wasp nest being built - 10 Wasp Myths That Will Surprise You

Paper wasp nest being built

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Dish Soap Can Damage Your Plants

Dish Soap like Sunlight or Dawn is a regular addition to home pest control remedies for the garden. You use dish soap every day and eat from the dishes you clean with it – how can it be harmful to plants? It’s time to look through the bubbles and see the truth.

Chemicals in Dawn Dish Soap by

Chemicals in Dawn Dish Soap by

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How To Get Rid of Ants With Mint

Ants seem to be everywhere this year, and many people want to get rid of them. A recommendation I found on social media was to place mint leaves near the hill, and the ants would quickly leave. Apparently the smell of the mint leaves is just too much for them. This seems a bit far fetched, but it is easy to test.

Ants and Mint

Ants slurping honey – almost as good as mint leaves

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How to Get Rid of Slugs with Diatomaceous Earth

Slugs, slugs, slugs – everybody wants to get rid of the slugs and there are all kinds of methods that are reported to work. I have already reviewed several of these including:

What about diatomaceous earth? Apparently, the sharp edges in diatomaceous earth cut the bellies of slugs, and they bleed out and die. Diatomaceous earth is used effectively for controlling insects, so maybe it works on slugs. Time for an experiment.

Diatomaceous Earth - diatoms

Diatomaceous Earth – diatoms

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Mosquito Repellents – Best Options

DEET is the standard in mosquito repellants. It is both effective and safe, as reported in DEET – Is It Safe? But what are the alternatives? Do natural extracts work as well as DEET? Are there safer man-made products? Are there better natural products? In this blog post I will review the current options that are worth considering.

If you are looking to fend off the Zika virus, check this out: Mosquito Repellents That Work Against Zika

Testing Mosquito Repellents

Testing Mosquito Repellents

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